Welfare and Inequality in Marketizing East Asia




I am a professor of Global Political Economy at Leiden University in The Netherlands where I am also a resident scholar at Institute for Area Studies. I am coordinator of the University’s MA specialization in Global Political Economy under the International Relations / International Studies MA program. Beyond this, I teach a course on World Capitalism and is Critics in the university’s Philosophy MA program and coordinate the political economy curriculum in the University’s BA program in International Studies.

On the research side my interests could be characterized as falling within global and comparative political economy with an East Asia focus. I have a special interest in the political economy of welfare and stratification and a general inerest in all things political. My recently published book Welfare and Inequality in Marketizing East Asia explores how four decades of marketization has unfolded across 10 Asian countries. 

I enjoy doing research that addresses public/policy debates. One example of this is my participation in a six-year study that will explore systemic determinants of learning among children in Vietnam. Speaking of Asia, I might as well add here that I have lived on three continents. I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In my early to mid 20s I began roughly two decades of living and working in various parts of East Asia, and in Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong in particular. And now I’m in Europe!  

On this site you’ll find a selection of my writings, info on my various pursuits, and links to two blogs. The first of these, simply titled blog, and on which I right much more periodically than I would like, takes on matters of general interest, dwelling mostly in social, political, and economic themes. The second blog, Xin lỗi Ông, is my passion. It’s in Vietnamese, and addresses social, political, and economic issues in, you guessed it, Viet Nam.

Best regards,

Jonathan D. London