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NEW! London, Jonathan. 2018. Welfare and Inequality in Marketizing East Asia. Bakingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan. 430p.

Jonathan D. ed. The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Vietnam. (Forthcoming in 2015.) Oxfordshire UK. Routledge.

London, Jonathan D. ed.  2014. Politics in Contemporary Vietnam: Party, State, and Authority Relations. New York and London, Palgrave Macmillan.

London, Jonathan D. ed. 2011. Education in Vietnam. Singapore: ISEAS Press.

Refereed Journal Articles

Malesky, Edmund and Jonathan London 2014. “Reviewing the Political Economy of Development in China and Vietnam.” Annual Review of Political Science, 17.*

London, Jonathan D. 2014. “Welfare Regimes in China and Viet Nam.” Journal of Contemporary Asia, Volume 44(1): 84-107.*

London, Jonathan D.  2013. “The Promises and Perils of Hospital Autonomy: Reform by Decree in Vietnam.” Social Science and Medicine. v96 (2013), p. 232-240.*

London, Jonathan D. 2010. “Globalization & the Governance of Education in Viet Nam.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Education. Vol. 30, No. 4, December 2010 *

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London, Jonathan D. 2003. “Viet Nam’s Mass Education and Health Systems: A Regimes Perspective.” American Asian Review, Vol. 21 (June).

Book Chapters

NEW! London, Jonathan D. 2017. “Varieties of States, Varieties of Political Economy: China, Vietnam, and the Making of Market Leninism.” Carroll, T. and Jarvis, D.S. eds., 2017. Asia after the Developmental State: Disembedding Autonomy. Cambridge University Press.

London, Jonathan D. 2014. “Politics in Contemporary Viet Nam” In  Jonathan D. London ed. Politics in Contemporary Viet Nam: Party, State, and Authority Relations. Palgrave.

London, Jonathan D. 2014. “Toward a New Politics?” In  Jonathan D. London ed. Politics in Contemporary Viet Nam: Party, State, and Authority Relations. Oxfordshire UK. Palgrave.

London, Jonathan. 2013. “Social Policies in Transition: The Welfare Regimes in Viet Nam and China Compared.” In Besharov, Douglas et al. ed. Chinese Social Policy in a Time of Transition.  Oxford. Oxford University Press.

London. Jonathan D. 2011. “1989: A Year with Johan Galtung.”  In Experiments with Peace: a Book Celebrating Peace at Johan Galtung’s 80th Anniversary. Oxford/Nairobi, Pambazuka.

London, Jonathan. 2011. Education in Viet Nam: Historical Roots, Recent Trends.
In Jonathan D. London ed. Education in Viet Nam. Singapore. ISEAS Press. (56 pp.)

London, Jonathan. 2011. “Historical Welfare Regimes and Education in Viet Nam.”
In Jonathan D. London ed. Education in Viet Nam. Singapore. ISEAS Press. (53 pp.)

London, Jonathan D. 2010. “Reassertions of the State in Viet Nam’s Health Sector.”
In M. Ramesh ed. Reasserting the Public in Public Services. London. Routledge.

London, Jonathan D. 2010. “Governance and the Governance of Higher Education in Vietnam.” in Ka Ho Mok ed. The Search for New Governance of Higher Education in Asia. New York /London, Palgrave.

London. Jonathan D. 2010. “Viet Nam and the Making of Market Leninism.” In William Case ed. Contemporary Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia: Structures, Institutions, and Agency. London. Routledge.

Pham Thanh Nghi and Jonathan London. 2010. “The Higher Education Reform Agenda: A Vision for 2020.” In Reforming Higher Education in Vietnam: Challenges and Priorities. Grant Harmon, Martin Hayden, and Pham Thanh Nghi ed. Heidelberg-London-New York. Springer.

London. Jonathan D. London, Jonathan. 2007. “Education in Viet Nam’s Market Transition” in Gerald Postiglione and Jason Tan eds. Schooling in East Asia. Greenwood Press.

London, Jonathan D. 2004. “Rethinking Viet Nam’s Mass Education and Health Systems,” in Duncan McCargo ed. Rethinking Viet Nam, London: Routledge-Curzon.

London, Jonathan D. 2003. “Grounding Discussions of Global Labor Challenges in Developing Countries,” In L. Hartman, D.G. Arnold, R. Wokutch, Eds, Rising Above Sweatshops: Innovative Management Approaches to Global Labor Challenges. New York: Greenwood Press.

Book Reviews, short-communications, alternative media

London, Jonathan 2013. Review of Martin Gainsborough’s “Viet Nam: Rethinking the State.”  For Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. 2013.

London, Jonathan. 2010. Representing Child Poverty in Viet Nam. A Video documentary.
Screened at conference on Paths to Reflexive Sociology, Porto, Potrugal, December 11, 2009.

London, Jonathan D. 2008. Rejoinder to Review of G, Arrighi’s Adam Smith in Beijing (2007, Verso). Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington: Apr 11, 2008. Vol. 54, Iss. 31; pg. B.22

London, Jonathan D. 2006. “Beyond Hanoi, Book review, Journal of Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science.34:4, pp. 640-643.

Article and Manuscripts in Preparation

Sole-authored book manuscript in preparation: London, Jonathan D. The Politics of Wellbeing: Welfare Regimes in Vietnam’s market transition

Research article: “China, Vietnam, and the Developmental State.” Ready for submission, final revisions underway.

Developmental Welfare States?, For Conference on Political Economy of Asia, HK, Nov 2014

Research article: “The Development and Repression of Vietnam’s Incipient Public Sphere,” for inclusion in papers from Vietnam: Conflict and Consensus

Research article: “Making Social Sciences Matter: The Status of the Social Sciences in Vietnam”

Non Refereed Journal Articles

London, Jonathan D. “Coping with Untenable Demands: Vietnam and its Relations with China.” Atlantisch Perspectief (Atlantic Perspectives.) Issue 5-2014. August 2014.

 Working Papers

London, Jonathan D. and Vu Quang Viet. 2013.  Viet Nam, China, and the Southeast Asian Sea. Working Papery 143, Southeast Asia Research Centre, City Univ. Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

London, Jonathan D. “Historical Welfare Regimes” (Unpublished working paper, September 27, 2011). Available at SSRN.

London, Jonathan D. “Market-Leninism” Working Papery, Southeast Asia Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. .

London, Jonathan D. “Education, Health, and Institutional Responsibilities in Viet Nam’s Welfare Regime.” Unpublished working paper, November 1, 2010. Available at SSRN

London, Jonathan D. “Organizational Interests and Public Needs: Decentralization and Service Delivery in Viet Nam” (Unpublished working paper, September 1, 2011).” Available at SSRN

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